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  • Innovating solutions

    Des solutions

    We are not only developing new products. At ECONOFAN, we are developing a new way of thinking. Everyone is trying hard to constantly improve each of our products . We simply want to manufacture innovation. Innovation that can improve your way to do ventilation.

  • Environmental care

    Respect de l’environnement
    Even if we already offer ventilation systems with very high energy efficiency, we are still concerned about our environmental footprint. It is for this reason that we produce our ventilation systems with recycled materials whenever possible. In the same spirit, we decided to create in 2013 an assembly plant in Europe to reduce the distance traveled by our assembly parts.
  • International business

    Commerce international
    At ECONOFAN, we think that international trade should be a trade leading to significant economic benefits to the communities where our products are installed. In each of our projects, we aim to build partnerships with various local businesses.
  • Performance

    PerformanceWe manufacture the range of fans offering the best performance on the market.
    Whether on the basis of energy consumed per unit of extracted air but also on the basis of unit of air extracted in a high differential air pressure. Our products are simply efficient. Independently of the comparison angle.